Monday, December 13, 2010

CFU chapter 1

Well, this finally happening. I'm reflecting on the first chapter of Checking for Understanding by Fisher and Frey.

The title of the chapter is "Why Check for Understanding?" Fisher and Frey spend time convincing readers how CFU fits into other reform programs. First, they define Checking for Understanding and also divulge what it isn't. They key difference is what is done with the feedback. If feedback is used to inform instruction, it's formative assessment. However, if feedback is used to show student performance after instruction, it's summative assessment.

Fisher and Frey also discuss how Checking for Understanding fits in with Wiggins and McTighe's Understanding by Design. They contest the CFU is a key component of UBD. Next, the authors connect Differentiated Instruction and Checking for Understanding. Carol Ann Tomlinson's DI is a buzz in the education world. Providing instruction to meet the needs of students is an essential part of school reform. CFU is a key part of Differentiated Instruction. It is what allows teachers to strategize what students or group of students are meeting standards at different levels.

The final framework that Fisher and Frey connect to is Breakthrough from Fullan, Hill and Crevola. I'll be honest, I am unfamiliar with this. I'm not sure if it is not as popular or I'm just out of that loop, but I may have some more reading to do over the winter break....

Well, that's the overview of Chapter 1. I'm now going to dive into Chapter 2. I hope to have an update in the next couple of days!! 

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