Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been doing "walk-throughs" for just the purpose of seeing teaching and learning. They've more been for a gauge of school climate and for me to find out how the teachers operate. I've taken some time each week to walk the halls and pop in for a few minutes to each class.

So, now that I've "settled" into the principal position, I am trying to spending more time focusing on learning. I read Deron Durflinger's post on Walkthroughs and created a template on Google Docs to use with my IPad as I travel around classrooms.

Here's the link: Walkthrough template

I did a preliminary test, making sure I could get it to work and the data came back in a useful way. I then took the data and the template to our school improvement team. I asked if this was data they wanted or what else they would like. There response was great.. they wanted to be able to explain what was going on before or after I was there.

I then went back and created a template to give to teachers with the data and comments from me with also room for a conversation to start between us. I haven't gotten this to google docs yet, as our school hasn't made the move yet.

This is a start. I want teachers to be having conversations about what good teaching looks like and how they can improve. Just as our students, we should be Always Learning!

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